We collaborate with your property manner to provide a streamline project for this process.

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Start the process of liquidating your office furniture.

Remember: Plan ahead! 


If you know you're move will take place in the next 6-12 months, call us now!  (Many companies wait until the last minute - we can preform under these circumstances, but the positive/negative value changes drastically).  

Please give us time to find a good home for your furniture.

Last Minute Liquidations - 

  • Take pictures of your items, staged nicely,  Send to:  lyn@weareecospaces.com 
  • Include; Counts of each item, manufacturer, age of products, and the date furniture must be removed by .
  • Floor plan if available and address where product is located.


An Interior Solutions of Denver Company, Inc.


The redeployment of unwanted furniture has become an increasing challenge in the US.

Discarding furniture has become a non sustainable, unacceptable practice as the awareness has increased of protecting our environment.

We help company decision makers make responsible, sustainable solutions by implementing our unique process of;

  • Resource Reuse
  • Redeployment
  • Recycling
  • Donation to charities and small businesses

All in keeping with your timeline of vacating your facility.