Jessica Nicks

Business Development


Lyn Nicks

President of Ecospaces


An Interior Solutions of Denver Company, Inc.


Ecospaces is a premier commercial interiors solutions company provider based out ofDenver, Colorado. Specializing in pre-owned office furniture.  We provide cost effective strategies to your business while increasing productivity with sustainability in mind. 

Owner, Lyn Nicks has over 20 years of experience.   Lyn has been LEED  acredited for over five years .   Joined by her daughter Jessica Nicks, head of Business Development. 

 We offer many services not just pre-owned executive office furniture. we create workplaces that are not only functional and stylish, but cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Ecospaces is joining the ever-evolving marketplace of design and building materials as a provider, educator, and leader in living space design. Ecospaces eases the process of this mandatory transition between what has traditionally been acceptable and what it now necessary to prolong life and stretch the consumers’ dollar.

Whether we are providing or re-purposing furnishings, you have the peace of mind of teaming with experience, integrity, and commitment.

Ecospaces 303.382.1100

2210 Blake St. #1A
Denver CO 80205

2395 W. 2nd Ave

Denver, CO  80223